Southern Hemisphere
3:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.
Featured Pokémon
Voting Day
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Community Day
Community Day is a key piece of what makes Pokémon GO a unique gaming experience. It’s an event that encourages all Trainers to go out and play together one day a month, and we’ve been endlessly inspired by the impact it’s had on building local communities. To allow Community Day to live up to its name even more, we’re letting Trainers everywhere vote for what the next featured Community Day Pokémon will be.
If you have any questions about Community Day, be sure to check out the help center.
Find a Meetup Near You
Are you looking for Community Day event details or other Pokémon GO-related meetups happening in your city? There are many websites and platforms that Pokémon GO players use to organize with their local communities. To connect with other Trainers near you, try searching for your city name in conjunction with Pokémon GO on your preferred search engine, or finding groups in your area on social media channels, apps, and websites such as Facebook, Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and more! These groups are managed independently by players and are not sponsored by Niantic, but offer great opportunities to meet Trainers in your area.
While you’re out celebrating Pokémon GO Community Day with fellow Trainers, be sure to share your experiences on your favorite social media channels with the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay. We can’t wait to hear about all the new memories you’ll be making while playing Pokémon GO at Community Day events!