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What is Pokémon GO Fest?
Celebrate Pokémon GO Fest!
Transform your space into a Pokémon GO Fest celebration! Download our official Print at Home kit to enjoy some paper crafts and decorations. These will only be available to download for a limited time.
Complete a maze, color in the GO Fest logo, and decorate pennant flags.
Decorate your home with pennant flags, Pokémon, and more.
Pikachu Visor - Papercraft
Use this printable Pikachu visor to stay cool with your family and friends.
Gift - Papercraft
Print and build a Gift for a friend!
Poké Ball - Papercraft
Print and build a Poké Ball!
Spark (Lifesize)
Print and arrange these tiles to assemble Team Leader Spark. He’ll be a great addition to your Pokémon GO Fest festivities!
Blanche (Lifesize)
Print and assemble these tiles to build Team Leader Blanche, who is sure to support you in your Special Research.
Candela (Lifesize)
Print and arrange these tiles to assemble Team Leader Candela, who will cheer you on in your battles!
Professor Willow (Lifesize)
Print and assemble the tiles to build Professor Willow!