July 2023 Community Day Classic: Squirtle makeup event
Riolu is the first star of a new Pokémon GO event—Hatch Day!
Pokémon GO Adventure Week returns for another Fossil-centric event!
Free Limited Partner Research available for Amazon Prime members
July 2023 Community Day: Poliwag
Celebrate the upcoming release of Pokémon GO Plus + with the Catching Some Z’s event
Happy 7th anniversary to Pokémon GO!
Introducing a new way to compete—PokéStop Showcases!
Pokémon GO is celebrating seven stellar years, and it’s time to party!
Yeehaw! Get your Pokémon ready for GO Battle Weekend: Clay!
Community Ambassador Program Update
Campfire, Niantic’s social app, is now available worldwide with the new Team Up feature
Dive into darkness or let your flame blaze in the new Dark Flames event!
Mega Rayquaza arrives in Pokémon GO!
Meet notable Trainers during Pokémon GO Fest 2023 in London and New York City
Pokémon GO and Amazon Prime Gaming team up once again to bring exciting rewards to Amazon Prime members!!
New way to get bonus PokéCoins
Spend the perfect day—or evening—with Pokémon during the Solstice Horizons event!
July 2023 Community Day Classic: Squirtle
Pokémon GO is heading to Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles and bringing new gameplay demos
Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf to appear in a special raid event!
Don’t miss out—GO out with Pokémon GO this summer!
A Style Shop update is coming to Pokémon GO!
June 2023 Community Day: Axew
All’s golden in the upcoming Searching for Gold Research Day event!
GO Battle League: Hidden Gems update
Dive into Water Festival: Beach Week!
New way to get bonus PokéCoins
Shadow Raids debut during the Rising Shadows event!
Shadow Raids are coming to Pokémon GO!