December 7, 2017

Developer Insights: Introducing Dynamic Weather Gameplay and Battle Parties


We’re just as excited as you are for the introduction of even more Pokémon originally from the Hoenn region to start appearing in the real world. Alongside the introduction of these new Pokémon, we also revealed that a new dynamic weather gameplay system will start rolling out to Trainers around the world. We wanted to share a few notes detailing some of these upcoming changes, as well as a few comments from our development team.

Dynamic Weather Gameplay:

  • The Pokémon GO user interface will reflect each Trainer’s current local weather.
  • Certain Pokémon will be more likely to appear frequently in weather that suits them the most.
    • These Pokémon will yield bonus Stardust when caught.
    • These Pokémon are more likely to have greater potential in battle.
  • Move types that match certain weather conditions will deal extra damage in battle.

Developer Comments: When we first started thinking about features we’d be introducing alongside the Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, a dynamic weather system that reflects real-world weather in-game was one of the first concepts that came to mind. This feature brings us one step closer to how we’ve envisioned discovering Pokémon in the real world–further connecting the digital world to the physical world you experience around you.

We want changes in weather to have an impact on your gameplay experience. When it’s raining outside, the game world will match the real-world conditions. You’ll see rain falling from the sky and Water-type Pokémon appearing much more frequently, but that’s not all. While it’s raining, the Water-type Pokémon you catch in the wild or through Raid Battles will award more Stardust and have greater potential in battle. You’ll also be able to use your local weather patterns to your advantage in Gym battles and Raid Battles, as some move types will be more effective during certain weather conditions. We’re incredibly excited for you to experience this new dynamic weather gameplay system as it starts rolling out to Trainers around the world.

We also want to share two other changes coming to Pokémon GO alongside this update.

Battle Parties (Beta):

  • Trainers will be able to create and name teams of up to six Pokémon in their Pokémon collection for quick access when participating in Gym battles and Raid Battles.

Developer Comments: We’re thrilled to announce that we’re also rolling out the first iteration of battle parties. Battle parties are preset teams of up to six Pokémon that you are able to create and customize to fit your needs. Whether you want to create different parties for frequent Raid Battles, or have battle parties that take advantage of certain weather bonuses, this feature will make it easier than ever to quickly choose which Pokémon you bring to battle. During this beta phase, battle parties will be saved to your device, so you’ll need to reset your battle parties if you get a new device or use multiple devices to play Pokémon GO. Once the feature is fully launched, your battle parties will carry over to each device you log in with.

Pokémon Storage:

  • Trainers will be able to increase the maximum number of Pokémon they can collect in their Pokémon Storage from 1,000 to 1,500 by purchasing Pokémon Storage Upgrades in the in-game shop.

Developer Comments: We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. With the addition of Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, the need for more Pokémon Storage is greater than ever. You’ll now be able to store up to 1,500 Pokémon. We’ve also increased the minimum Pokémon Storage size by 50, so all Trainers will soon be able to carry 50 additional Pokémon.

—The Pokémon GO team