August 29, 2022

Thank you for joining our Pokémon GO Fest 2022 events!


The summer of 2022 was amazing, with millions of Trainers catching 1.75 billion Pokémon and exploring 150 million kilometers in the first-ever series of five Pokémon GO Fest events!

This series included the first in-person Pokémon GO Fest events since 2019 and highlighted what makes Pokémon GO special. Trainers in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo sent nearly two million Gifts, traded 85,000 Pokémon, and forged over 250,000 new in-game friendships.

During each of these in-person celebrations, millions of Trainers around the globe worked together to unlock enhanced versions of in-game events–such as Ultra Unlock: Hisuian Discoveries, which resulted in the Pokémon GO debut of Hisuian Braviary!

This summer wasn’t just about in-person Pokémon GO Fest events though–the Season of GO has been a thrilling journey in its own right. From the exciting launch of the Pokémon Trading Card Game collaboration, a new way to explore the world around you with Daily Adventure Incense, the debut of Pokémon GO on the Pokémon World Championship stage in London, and to our journeys with the mysterious new character Rhi, many big moments have made this a full and amazing summer for Trainers worldwide!

And now, with the debut of Ultra Beasts in Pokémon GO and the triumphant return of Professor Willow, you may be wondering what could possibly be next. With such an enthusiastic group of Trainers, how could the next season not be fantastic?! The next couple of weeks will be very illuminating.

Let’s GO!

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated.

—The Pokémon GO team