April 21, 2022

Seven tips for Stufful Community Day

Seven tips for Stufful Community Day


With Stufful Community Day just around the corner, we want to share some tips to help new and returning Trainers enjoy April Community Day to the fullest.

Below are seven tips to help you capture plenty of Stufful, a Pokémon that’s making its Pokémon GO debut during April Community Day

  1. Use Pinap Berries.

Pinap Berries award twice the Candy when you catch a Pokémon and are a great way to get lots of Stufful Candy. Silver Pinap Berries increase your chance of catching a Pokémon and award you even more Candy when you do.

With that in mind, now’s the time to start saving up Pinap Berries to use during next weekend’s Community Day. But don’t worry—if you run out or need more, you can earn Pinap Berries by completing Field Research tasks during Community Day!

  1. Maximize your bonuses.

April Community Day will offer tons of exciting bonuses. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • 3× XP for catching Pokémon.
  • 2× Candy for catching Pokémon.
  • Trainers level 40 and above will have double the chance to obtain Stufful Candy XL by catching Stufful.
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours.
  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours.
  • One additional special trade can be made during the event and up to two hours after for a maximum of two for the day.
  • Trades made during the event and up to two hours after the event will require 50% less Stardust.
  • And more!

If you’re looking to maximize these bonuses, use a Lucky Egg at the start of Community Day. Doing so will double the XP you earn from catching Pokémon, combining with the event’s bonus to provide an impressive 6× XP bonus.

Lure Modules and Incense can also give your Community Day a big boost. If you activate them at the beginning of the event, they’ll last a full three hours, covering Community Day from start to finish! And yes, their bonuses also stack with Pinap Berries, netting you even more Candy for catching Pokémon.

  1. Get together with friends and enjoy an additional bonus.

We’re trying something new this month: a bonus for groups of Trainers who play together! With this bonus, Trainers that work together in person with other Trainers will earn additional bonuses.
Here’s how it works: if enough Pokémon are caught with help from a single Lure Module, the 3× Catch XP bonus for Trainers near the Lured PokéStop will be increased to a 4× bonus for 30 minutes! This bonus will not stack with the 3× Catch XP bonus and will instead replace it.
However, the bonus does stack with Lucky Eggs—so consider using a Lucky Egg to make that 4× Catch XP bonus into a whopping 8× bonus!

  1. Evolve the featured Pokémon and it will know an attack it can’t normally learn!

Catching Pokémon during Community Day is only part of the fun. If you evolve the featured Pokémon during the event (or up to two hours after) that Pokémon will know an attack it can’t normally learn!

When you evolve Stufful during April Community Day, you’ll get a Bewear that knows the Charged Attack Drain Punch. This Charged Attack is new to Pokémon GO and can provide Bewear a defensive edge that’s great for Trainer Battles!

  1. There’s always time for a snapshot!

Don’t forget to take a few snapshots during Community Day! If you take a snapshot during the event, certain Pokémon may jump into frame and you’ll get a chance to catch it. You may even be surprised by a Shiny Pokémon, if you’re lucky.

This only happens during event hours, so don’t forget to make time for some snapshots!

  1. Complete Field Research.

Make sure to complete as many Field Research tasks as you can so you have more opportunities to encounter the Pokémon featured during Community Day! If you’re lucky, you might also encounter a Shiny Pokémon this way!

But remember: you can only get one Field Research task per PokéStop, per day, so exploring is crucial! Different Field Research tasks will have different rewards, including encounters with the featured Pokémon, Candy, Pinap Berries, Ultra Balls, and more!

  1. And don’t forget…

If you plan to catch a lot of Pokémon, try using a Star Piece. Doing so will increase the amount of Stardust you earn by 50% for a limited time.

Think you’ll cover a lot of ground during Community Day? Then don’t forget to use Incubators to hatch some Eggs—Super Incubators decrease the distance needed to hatch an Egg, too!

If Community Day ends and you’re still itching for adventure, try using a Mossy Lure Module, Glacial Lure Module, Magnetic Lure Module, or Rainy Lure Module. These Lure Modules will attract specific Pokémon and may cause certain Pokémon species to evolve.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated.

—The Pokémon GO team